Postal workers’ union in Northamptonshire backs Jeremy Corbyn for next Labour leader

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Northamptonshire’s Postal Workers have formally endorsed Jeremy Corbyn in the battle to become the next leader of the Labour party.

The union said Mr Corbyn was “the only left-wing candidate on the ticket” and offered a credible alternative to austerity.

Paul Bosworth, CWU Representative at Royal Mail’s South Midlands Mail Centre, said: “For me Jeremy Corbyn is the only candidate that offers any real alternative to austerity and he is the reason I have recently re-joined the party, along with many others.

“His pledge to repeal the UK’s barbaric trade union laws, the existing ones not just the new ones proposed, is significant.

“Our general secretary, Dave Ward, has ruffled a few feathers describing the Blairite wing of the party as a virus and Corbyn is the antidote - for my money Dave was bang on the mark and its time for Labour to rediscover its core values.”

Mark Batterham, CWU area distribution rep, said: “what Jeremy Corbyn is offering is hope, hope for a better future for young people, who due to the housing crisis have no chance to purchase their own home and are forced to pay sky-high private rents, which is a sector completely unregulated and plagued with rogue landlords.”

Gareth Eales, CWU area processing rep and local Labour councillor, added: “I am delighted that the CWU are backing Jeremy Corbyn. Even if the national union hadn’t, we’d already taken a decision as a local branch to support Jeremy.

“Locally hundreds of our members have signed up to cast their vote in the leadership election, nearly 600 at South Midlands Mail Centre itself, so working people want to have their say and I think its Jeremy that has captured their imagination.”