Pothole campaign gets council to sit up and listen

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Visitors to Brackley Library will soon be able to speak directly to a county council representative about the state of the town’s roads following a vigorous anti-pothole campaign.

In May Brackley resident Mark Morrell launched the Brackley Potholes Facebook group and now has more than 260 ‘likes’.

He has been carrying out his own inspection of potholes reported through the group and compares them to Northants County Council’s criteria for repairs.

From next Friday NCC will send a community liaison officer to Brackley Library in Manor Road for a two-hour drop-in session to answer questions about the county’s roads.

Jim Broomfield, NCC’s member for Brackley has backed Mr Morrell’s campaign after voters brought it up as their number one issue during campaigning for county elections in May.

He said: “I think it’s because we’ve had such a lot of feedback from people about how bad the roads are, and because of Mark Morrell’s involvement. He’s been keeping people updated, and although they have been doing repairs it does seem that more bits of road and potholes are being done than previously. But it’s nowhere near being resolved.

“I think the council will never have enough money to do the work they need to do, not only on the main roads, but the roads leading in from the villages around Brackley.

“And still in Brackley some of the roads are disgusting, particular in Old Town.”

From Friday, August 9, the sessions will take place between 10.30am to 12.30pm on the second or third Friday of the month.