Pothole spotted in the shadow of Big Ben

Mark 'Mr Pothole' Morrell outside the Houses of Parliament
Mark 'Mr Pothole' Morrell outside the Houses of Parliament

Mr Pothole made his long-awaited trip to Westminster to meet the shadow transport minister - and the pothole he spotted in the shadow of Big Ben has already been filled in.

Brackley Town Councillor Mark Morrell, who campaigns on social media as Mr Pothole, had a ‘productive’ one hour meeting with Richard Burden at the Houses of Parliament.

He handed the MP a pothole portfolio of evidence and even mentioned a pothole he had spotted on his way to Mr Burden’s office. That pothole has already been dealt with.

Mr Morrell, who lives in Brackley, said he was pleased with how the meeting went and felt the MP was not simply providing lip service.

But he found it ironic to spot a pothole right outside Mr Burden’s office.

He said: “Surprise, surprise, I spotted some defects on the road outside the office.

“Someone tweeted me a picture of the work to say look what is happening.

“It was a very frank, open discussion and it was refreshing to talk to a senior politician who actually seems to want to do something.

“He wants to keep in touch. At the end of the day, he requested the meeting and he is the only one who is engaging with what I’m doing.

“Any information I get, I’m now sending it to Lucy, his researcher.

“I’d like to tour the UK and it appears that Pothole Britain documentary got 16 per cent viewing figures in Japan, which I am told is excellent.”

Mr Burden tweeted: “Good to meet up with @mrpotholeuk to discuss importance of action to tackle UK pothole epidemic.”

Mr Morrell, who is retired from his former job of working for a gas company, began his quest to fix potholes in May 2013.

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