Primary school burglars steal pupils’ computers

From left, standing: Tesco Community Champion Andy Jenkins, headteacher Eliza Hollis and Tesco shift manager Nick Brash
From left, standing: Tesco Community Champion Andy Jenkins, headteacher Eliza Hollis and Tesco shift manager Nick Brash

A headteacher says the theft of 27 computers from her primary school’s library is a ‘huge knock’.

Fifteen iPads, 12 laptops and a tin containing more than £150 were taken after burglars forced their way through a window at Stoke Bruerne Primary School, in Bridge Road, between 6pm on Monday and 7.30am on Tuesday.

They broke drawers and mangled the computer cabinet before escaping with the labelled iPads in black cases, the burgundy HP laptops, chargers and the tin containing music lesson fees from parents.

The computers’ combined estimated value is £9,000.

Headteacher Eliza Hollis said: “They’ve stolen from young children and it’s them who will suffer. It’s a huge knock to us.

“All the children know about what happened and it’s the emotional effect it has on them too. There’s a knock-on effect at home.”

Assistant headteacher Oliver Johnson was first to notice the school had been broken into when he arrived on Tuesday morning.

Police cordoned off the area and forensics found footprints but believe the burglars wore woollen gloves.

Mr Johnson said: “We put a DVD on for the children and we then played it very informal when we told them.

“There were no tears but one of my children, Eve, said ‘I can picture people coming in the window’.

“We won’t be able to recover the children’s work. Some things are uninsurable.”

But the primary school has been offered some relief from Tesco thanks to Milton Keynes-based shift manager Nick Brash.

His son Travis, nine, is in Year 5 at the school and when Mr Brash found out about the burglary, he spoke to the supermarket’s community team which has supplied a number of replacement laptops.

The primary school, which has 43 children, aged four to 11, has upped its security measures and warns schools in the area to be vigilant.

Sergeant Mark Osborne said: “The theft of these computers is a real loss to the school and its pupils and we would urge anyone with information about the stolen items, or anyone who saw anything suspicious around the school on Monday night or Tuesday morning, to get it touch.

“If you are offered a cheap laptop or iPad for sale, please think about where it may have come from and call the police if you are suspicious in any way.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.