Primary school children’s stage success

Buckingham Primary School children in Oliver Twist
Buckingham Primary School children in Oliver Twist

Buckingham Primary School’s Year 6 production made a meal out of the classic story of Oliver Twist.

From the opening dance number, when whirling cooks in white mobcaps and pinafores paraded platters of dreamy delicacies, the stage was set for a delightful show.

Chair of governors Betsy Cook said: “I know these children well and expected a great show from them but, even so, I was gobsmacked at the high level of their performances, far above their age.

“Every single child took part, in a role or a capacity which they chose themselves, and this gave the production great warmth and energy.”

Year 6 leader Jenny Else said: “We were so proud of the children.

“Their talent was phenomenal.

“They had many complicated lines, dances, songs and cues to learn in a short time and did so with complete dedication.

“We had a much shorter run‐up time this year, so were really grateful to the many creative and clever parents who got involved in the staging, and we couldn’t have done it without help from the RLS and Stowe School.

“Our heartfelt thanks to all of them.”