Protesters to fight ‘dangerous’ car park plans

The Forum, South Northants Council's new headquarters
The Forum, South Northants Council's new headquarters
  • Campaign group challenging plans for a new council car park in a town meadow
  • They say the site is a valuable green space and is prone to flooding
  • Protest rally takes place at 5pm this evening

Dozens of protesters are holding a rally at council offices to fight car park plans which they say are ‘harmful’ and ‘dangerous’.

South Northants Council has given the green light to bulldoze through a meadow to build a staff car park near to its new Moat Lane headquarters in Towcester.

But campaigners will gather at the council’s existing offices at Springfields this evening because they say the site is prone to flooding and the town would be stripped of a valuable green space.

Peter Mummery, from the Towcester Community Group, said: “The proposal would be harmful to this lovely meadow and would adversely impact upon its rural setting, which is a valuable leisure area.

“The proposed car park would also flood in extreme rainfall, which would make it dangerous for car users, children, disabled and the infirm.

“Towcester residents, particularly from the Shires estate, have been angered by the proposal to use this public open community space, which sits by the River Tove.

“But the feedback we have received to date from residents has been fantastic.

“We look forward to seeing as many people as possible who feel strongly about this as I do and are welcome to take part.”

The protest takes place at the current SNC offices in Springfields, Towcester, from 5pm today.

SNC says measures will be taken to ensure the car park meets highway requirements, crime prevention safety standards, provides mitigation for ecology and ensures minimal impacts to local residents.