Public transport ‘gaps need to be filled’

Select committee chairman Warren Whyte
Select committee chairman Warren Whyte

The chairman of a committee which has launched a probe into public transport says there are ‘gaps that need to be filled’.

A two-day inquiry into public transport in Bucks took place on Thursday and Friday when more than 30 contributors had their say.

The hearings were staged by Bucks County Council’s cross-party environment, transport and locality service select committee.

It is hoping to gauge public opinion to improve public transport in the next five years,

Select committee chairman Warren Whyte said evidence helps to understand what is available and how residents’ needs are being met.

He said: “It’s emerging from the evidence that Bucks has a complex mixture of public transport – much more than we appreciated.

“There’s a huge amount of community-led activity, and we greatly appreciate volunteer effort across the county.

“However, we’re beginning to see gaps that need to be filled and these appear to be related to age – both young and old – and to mobility.

“It’s very clear the difference between town needs and rural needs rules out one-size-fits-all solutions.

“We need to answer the big question about our current public transport support of ‘if we were to start all over again, would it look like this?’”

The select committee is looking at the evidence to decide where more information is needed and which groups still need to contribute.