Pupils pen ‘how to be a teenager’ book

The Teen Bible front cover
The Teen Bible front cover

An enterprising group of sixth form students from The Cooper School have spotted a gap in the book market – and they’re about to fill it.

After realising that there was no book about how to deal with being a teenager, written by teenagers, they formed their own publishing enterprise and decided to write it themselves.

Calling themselves High 5 Publications, the group have now compiled and published their guide, The Teen Bible, set to launch at Bicester bookshop Coles Books tomorrow, Friday.

Student Joshua Barwell said: “The Teen Bible is a book written by teens for teens.

“We felt that teenagers nowadays struggle to get worthy advice, so we decided to make a book that can help overcome this problem and therefore help teenagers overcome their problems.

“The book covers five key areas in a teenager’s life that we have found teenagers most struggle with in their day-to-day life, which are relationships, education, work/finance, social life and body.

“The book contains personal anecdotes and top tips for teenagers going through that transition of being a child to an adult.”

The Teen Bible is being launched at Cole’s Books, in Bicester, at 6pm tomorrow, Friday. The ‘High 5 Publications’ team will be there to chat to teenagers about the book and copies will be on sale for £4.99.