Pupils vote for 105 solar panels to be installed on roof of Northamptonshire primary school

Martin Blake, school business manager, and students from Nicholas Hawksmoor School council
Martin Blake, school business manager, and students from Nicholas Hawksmoor School council

More than 100 solar panels have been put on the roof of a Northamptonshire primary school to help save the school money and help pupils learn about green energy.

The idea to put 105 solar panels on the roof of Nicholas Hawksmoor Primary School in Towcester came from a school council meeting in April. The panels were installed earlier this month.

Martin Blake, school business manager, said: “These panels will produce a massive 29.75kW per year and reduce the school’s carbon footprint by more than 13,000 kg per year.

“Not only will the school be able to use its own generated electricity but also sell part of it back to the National Grid. The students will also benefit in that the electricity generation can be monitored online and that data used in school.

“The installers, Evogreen, have also provided resources to the school to be used in lessons covering green issues so we can put to use what is happening in school in real life into their studies. It really is a win-win situation.”

Additionally to that, the school also has a programme to replace approx 370 light fittings and tubes and bulbs with LEDs. This is currently taking place after school hours.

Martin added: “By changing to LEDs, the school’s carbon footprint will reduce by another 20,000 kg per year. The bulbs will be longer lasting, they will use less electricity, are less polluting and will give a better quality of light. “All in all, we are absolutely delighted that such a great business and eco-friendly idea was originally thought of by our school council; it just goes to show how students really can make a difference to the school they are part of and leave such an invaluable legacy behind them when they move on.”