Pupils ‘without internet at home’ forced to revise on mobile phones

Robin Stuchbury
Robin Stuchbury

Dozens of families are still without fast broadband – and many pupils have been forced to revise for important exams without internet at home.

Buckingham Town Council was sent a letter by business group Bucks Business First to say superfast broadband was now set up for the town.

Children were having to use mobile phones to revise for their exams or were having to go to friends’ houses”

Robin Stuchbury

But Robin Stuchbury, Bucks County Councillor and Aylesbury Vale District Councillor for Buckingham South, said many families in Windsor Park are still without a reliable connection.

It has meant many pupils have been forced to use their mobile phone to browse the internet for GCSE and A-
Level revision materials.

Mr Stuchbury said: “I’ve been approached on the street to say children were having to use mobile phones to revise for their exams or were 
having to go to friends’ houses.

“They are still waiting and this has been going on since before the election.

“Broadband is becoming a must. It’s like not having your drinking water. I want to know if they are going to create a space, so they have a way of connecting but it sounds like there is a shortage of phone lines.

“It’s good news that there is better connectivity for some people in the town but they need to explain who they are, and which houses are going to get it.”

A spokesman for the consortium of developers at Windsor Park said: “We understand the importance to our customers of having effective telephone and internet connections.

“We have provided all facilities required by BT Openreach to supply Windsor Park residents with these services.

“The actual service and speeds available are the responsibility of the service provider, and we have met with, and will continue to press, BT Openreach to resolve any of these issues.”