Rare piece of Concorde jet to go on sale near Buckingham

The cone will go up for auction near Silverstone
The cone will go up for auction near Silverstone

Have a nose at this! A rare piece of aviation history is going on sale and, if you've got £50,000 burning a hole in your pocket, it could be yours.

An original Concorde nose cone dating to the 1970s is going up for auction on February 22, with the piece expected to fetch somewhere between £45,000 and £60,000.

Standing 11ft high, the cone is described by auctioneers Humbert & Ellis as the epitome of forward-thinking 1960s design, which "enabled the aircraft to achieve supersonic flight and a rightful place on the hearts and minds of a grateful world where flight times of 3.5 hours were possible between Paris and New York".

The cone is also thought to be the only unused one from the few that were originally made for the Concorde fleet by BAC Aerospatial.

The piece is being offered for sale, by auction, for the first time, and auctioneer Jonathan Humbert is hopeful that the cone will receive a lot of attention.

He said: "We appreciate this is not an inexpensive item but I’d be hard pressed to think of a more exclusive and iconic item to sell than a famous nose cone from the worlds fastest commercial plane, and with the provenance it comes with, any buyer can be assured of acquiring a most exclusive piece of modern design with an incredible social history connection."

The Aeronautica auction takes place from 11am on Thursday February 22 at Humbert & Ellis Auctioneers, near Silverstone.

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