Ravers warned after illegal late night party shutdown by police

Police want the public's help in spotting raves before they start
Police want the public's help in spotting raves before they start

A group of up to 200 illegal ravers were dispersed by police after loud music was heard from a wooded area.

The rave, a mile-and-a-half from Paulerspury, was shutdown by officers who found an unusual number of cars in the area.

Loud music was reported to the control room at 1am on Sunday and police dispersed ravers until 10am, when the area was completely cleared.

Andy Hall, sector inspector for South Northants police, said: “We received a couple of calls from nearby residents at about 1am, by which time the event was already underway.

“Balancing resource availability and the level of impact on local community, as well as consideration for the safety of both attendees and officers to safely disperse 150 to 200 people from an isolated rural location in early hours of the morning, in the dark, can be a challenge.

“But we are committed to dealing with illegal raves and the disruption they cause, and continue to encourage people to contact the police as early as possible if they see any signs of a possible event.

“The earlier we find out about them, the more chance we have of preventing the noise and disruption they inevitably bring.

“Often, those who are looking to set-up a rave will visit the potential site a couple of days before the event. If anyone spots any suspicious activity in their village, along a country road or around farm land, please let us know.”

Residents are asked to look of out for posters advertising a rave, cropped gate bolts, flattened hedgerows or any suspicious activity.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 or in an emergency, 999.