The reason why THAT ticket machine at popular Aylesbury retail park is never working

It may be a first world problem but the reason why a ticket machine at Aylesbury's popular Cambridge Street retail park never works has been explained.

Monday, 19th November 2018, 2:42 pm
Updated Monday, 19th November 2018, 2:46 pm
The ticket machine in question at Aylesbury Shopping Retail Park

The machine, pictured, is one of a handful dotted across the large Aylesbury Shopping Retail Park off Cambridge Street where parking is free for two hours.

When the parking regulations were first introduced The Bucks Herald was inundated with complaints from shoppers who felt aggrieved at being handed fines for failing to display a ticket despite the fact it is free.

Many pointed to the fact the machine closest to the main entrance to the car park was always out of order meaning a further trek to another machine and back to the car.

The ticket machine in question at Aylesbury Shopping Retail Park with out or order sign and solar panel on top

There is even a conspiracy theory about the infamous machine. Some people reckon it is intentionally left out of operation as it is the most accessible for the quick stop shops like Costa and the various takeaways and therefore operators hope people will not bother going to another machine and in turn potentially make more money from fines.

All unfounded of course.

But that myth has been busted it seems after an explanation was offered by one of the parking attendants working at the retail park which is also home to the likes of Argos, KFC, Subway, B&M, Harveys, Sports Direct, Hobbycraft, DW Gym, Wickes and Lidl.

The attendant, who did not want to be named, said: "I get so many people complaining to me about it and so many of them say we are leaving it off deliberately so we can dish out more fines.

"But they have tried everything to get it fixed. Some contractors were doing work and cut the supply to the machine. So they had solar panels installed on it. But that doesn't work either so there's not much more they can do.

"It's annoying if you are parked on this side, especially if you are just popping somewhere for a few minutes. But it's just one of those things I suppose."

So there you have it, a mystery solved and some sense made of the little solar panels too.