Recovery of British economy to continue

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MP for Bicester, Tony Baldry, talks about the challenges facing the country in his monthly column.

This week’s gross statistics were disappointing but we must stay the course.

Put simply, we need to work to help more people get a job and get on in life in a Britain that has the best, modern public services.

The Coalition Government is continuing the rescue mission on the economy – dealing with the huge deficit inherited from Labour was the single most important step towards recovery and growth.

By creating jobs it will show it is on the side of enterprising people and enterprising business.

We will make sure that no one is left behind and that Britain is open for business.

This Government is on the side of people who want to get themselves and their families ahead. It will focus on helping those most in need of help. It will support those basic rate tax payers who struggle to make ends meet.

There is a big challenge ahead of us. Tackling youth unemployment is crucial for the future of our country and our labour market. It is unacceptable that so many people have been written off to a lifetime of benefits. It is vital that everyone who has the potential to work receives the right help and support they need to get a job. Those found too sick or disabled to work will continue to receive the help and support they need to lead fulfilling lives.

The new work experience scheme will give young people the chance to get valuable experience in a business, making a real difference to their confidence, employability and prospects.

This Government is making the changes that will give young people access to jobs and opportunities that can help them towards a brighter future.

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