Referendum challenge ‘without merit’

Campaigners from the Yes4Winslow group
Campaigners from the Yes4Winslow group

A developer’s challenge to a town’s neighbourhood plan has been rebuffed by Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC).

The Winslow Neighbourhood Plan is due to go to community referendum on July 24.

But speculative developer Gladman developments has threatened a legal challenge, claiming AVDC’s decision to hold the referendum was ‘unlawful’.

Now AVDC has responded to Gladman, rejecting the firm’s claims.

Reporting to Winslow Town Council last night, Thursday, chairman of the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, Llew Monger, said: “The response from AVDC is clear and unequivocal in its rejection of all of Gladman’s grounds for an injunction to stop the referendum and hold a judicial review of the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan. It states that aspects of Gladman’s legal challenge are ‘completely without merit’.

“I’m delighted the AVDC legal team have delivered such a robust rejection of Gladman’s arguments. The campaign for a Yes vote in the referendum will continue and I am confident of a positive outcome.”