Referendum date set for Buckingham Neighbourhood Plan

Buckingham's Neighbourhood Plan area
Buckingham's Neighbourhood Plan area

Plans for more than 600 new homes, new shops and a university expansion have moved a step closer after a date for the Buckingham Neighbourhood Plan referendum was set.

The town has mapped out its vision for the next 16 years and it includes 617 new homes on five sites, 400 new rooms at the University of Buckingham and 10 hectares of employment land south of the town.

If given the go ahead, there will new retail areas and a cemetery with allotments west of town. Transport links will be strengthened and there will be more leisure and community facilities.

It would help fend off unwanted development in the town.

Aylesbury Vale District Council says the plan meets basic conditions and a referendum will take place on September 17.

Warren Whyte, county councillor for Buckingham East, thanked everyone who took part in workshops and information days.

He said: “I hope the town will come out and support the plan in high numbers as has happened in other towns and villages that have undertaken this process such as Winslow and Haddenham.”

Buckingham Town Councillor, Jon Harvey, said: “I cannot emphasise enough how important this referendum is to the future of our beautiful town.

“Please, please, please make sure you mark this day in your calendars and vote.”