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Voters will go to the polls next month to decide who represents them in the European Parliament.

On May 22, residents in Aylesbury Vale and Cherwell districts will vote for the 10 representatives who make up the South East region, which currently include leader of the UKIP party Nigel Farage. Those living in South Northants will vote for five MEPs in the East Midlands region.

People in Cherwell will also be voting for 17 district council seats, including The Astons and the Heyfords, Kirtlington, Bicester West and Fringford.

Candidates have until April 24 to be nominated.

All voters must ensure they are registered to vote by May 6.

This can be done by visiting the respective council’s websites.

Results for the Cherwell elections will be announced on May 23 with the European results released on May 25.