Renowned Martial arts master opens school

A WORLD champion and master of martial arts has opened a school in Towcester.

Master Jackson White, a 7th degree black belt in Tai Kwon Do, held a demonstration of his student’s skills at the Riverside Resource in Islington Road.

Mr White is the current over 55s world champion and has travelled the world to compete against some of the most skilled martial artist in the world.

Instructor Tim Sandhu said: “Jaskson White has had such a illustrious career in Tai Twon Do and the Tai Kwon Do Association of Great Britain. He’s been around the world, fought the best and beat the best.”

Mr White, who has 35 years experience in martial arts said Tai Kwon Do can give people a wide range of benefit.

He said: “It’s physical, it’s active, it’s exciting, and the discipline in Tai Kwon Do is not just for adults but for the kids as well.”

Visit for a video of the demonstration.