Report calls for 2,600 new Winslow homes

Gladman consultation event in St Laurence Room, Winslow. 130416M-A122
Gladman consultation event in St Laurence Room, Winslow. 130416M-A122

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request has revealed a report by agents for Gladman Developments calling for more than 2,600 new homes to be built at Winslow.

Mayor of Winslow Llew Monger uncovered the document after submitting an FOI request to Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC).

The report, submitted to AVDC by Gladman’s consultants Hourigan Connolly in January, said Winslow should take 90 per cent of new homes built in the north of the Vale over the next 20 years “in recognition of its unconstrained nature, growth potential and strategic positioning on the East West railway”.

The Vale of Aylesbury Plan calls for Winslow to take 400 homes over the next 20 years.

Gladman has recently held two public events in the town over proposals to build 100 new homes at Shipton and 175 on land off Verney Road.

It intends to apply for planning permission on both sites within the next few weeks.

But Mr Monger said: “The Gladman applications could be seen as being a Trojan horse.

“They’re putting forward 275 houses now but by their own admission they think Winslow should take 10 times as many.”

Winslow Town Council has allocated up to £20,000 from reserves towards drawing up a Neighbourhood Plan.

A draft is due out by summer and it is hoped the final proposal will be put before a community referendum by the end of the year.

Mr Monger said: “Gladman is saying Winslow should grow by 2,600 houses over the next 20 years.

“That is just not on. The community is not going to stand for that, railway station or no railway station.”

And he slammed planning officers at AVDC for not mentioning the report during meetings in the build-up to starting work on the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan, despite being asked if there had been approaches from Gladman.

Mr Monger said: “AVDC needs to make its mind up whether it’s on the side of the developers or the local communities.”

AVDC head of planning, John Byrne, said: “We frequently have developers and landowners suggesting that they can help us out of our housing delivery challenges, sometimes with schemes that bear no resemblance to current planning policies.

“We are not encouraging or promoting this scale of development at Winslow in our Vale of Aylesbury Plan but will have to deal objectively with any representations or applications that are submitted.

“We continue to support the town council in its neighbourhood plan-making process to help shape where and how future development takes place in the area in accordance with the Vale of Aylesbury Plan strategy.”