Residents anger at inconsiderate parking outside a Buckingham primary school

Residents living close to Bourton Meadow Academy in Buckingham say that parents who use their parking spaces are blocking in cars and parking dangerously on bends.

Friday, 23rd November 2018, 9:54 am
Updated Friday, 23rd November 2018, 9:57 am
According to residents, the middle car belongs to a parent picking up their child from school using their space

Multiple pictures have accompanied a slew of Twitter and Facebook posts bemoaning the issue.

One resident said: “Some of the parents are extremely rude.”

The resident also described how, when cones are put out in front of their parking bays, some parents just move them and park anyway.

A clearly visible sign indicating parking is for residents only which is regularly ignored by some parents

The school has no dedicated parking for parents and no school bus scheme in place.

When contacted, the school admitted that on the previous day 369 pupils had arrived via car.

This equates to hundreds of cars descending upon a small residential area at the same time, twice a day.

In a statement the school said: “The school shares the concerns of residents about the parking situation.

A general view of the parking chaos outside Bourton Meadow Academy

“This is why we send communications to parents about parking courteously.

“In order to be proactive, we have set up a parking forum which meets to discuss the issues and includes residents, parents, governors, staff and councillor Warren Whyte.

“We have asked local police to come to the school site at drop off and collection times to deal with parking violations but have been told that there are insufficient resources to do this.”

Councillor Whyte added: “I am grateful for the school in taking these concerns seriously, and forming a working group which I attend to help find solutions.

“I have recently managed to arrange for the pavement crossing points to be emphasised with a red finish, and looking at how we can encourage more children to walk and cycle to school.

“Not only is this better for the environment, it also helps children to keep fit and healthy.

“I ask parents that need to drive to school to be considerate of their neighbours, and to park safely and courteously.”