Residents to black flag 200 new homes

Map of proposed housing Development at Catch Yard Farm, Silverstone
Map of proposed housing Development at Catch Yard Farm, Silverstone

SILVERSTONE residents will be asked once again whether they will accept a significant increase in the number of homes in the village in return for new school places.

This month Barwood Land Estate submitted an outline planning application for 220 homes on land between the village and the A43 dual carriageway.

Silverstone Parish Council held a village meeting after Barwood carried out pre-application consultation and promised a second meeting once the application had been submitted.

They also carried out a referendum, to which 327 residents voted against any development, 19 in favour. The second village meeting set for May 22 will be quickly followed by a parish council meeting on June 25 when members will form their comments based on planning policy.

Parish councillor Steve Capewell said Silverstone seemed to be taking more than its fair share of new rural housing in the county, but with a 1,000 new jobs forecast as part of the Silverstone circuit masterplan he can understands why developers are targeting the village.

Mr Capewell added: “What we have to consider is a balance, because we’ve to have new houses in the county. However we need to make sure they are done in a way that does not disrupt people’s lives.”

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