Ride or stride for churches


NORHTANTS: Thousands of bicycle riders and walkers are preparing to the visit as many churches as they can during a fund raising event on Saturday, September 10.

The event organised by the Northants Historic Churches Trust will see churches across south Northants and beyond open their doors to welcome riders and striders. Half the money raised through sponsorship goes to the church nominated by the participant and the other half goes to the trust.

Organiser Richard Hartley : “Year upon year, the money raised from the ride in Northants has gone up, last it was £35,000 up from £24,000 the previous year. Compared to other counties which have generally seen a 10 per cent decrease, the county does do really well.”

Mr Hartley said the trust is often the first group to give money to churches needing repairs which often attracts grants from other groups.

For a list of churches and a sponsorship form visit www.nhct.org.uk.