Roadworks lifted for bank holiday

Roadworks sign PNL-140707-160851001
Roadworks sign PNL-140707-160851001

Several roadworks are to be removed during the bank holiday weekend in a bid to keep traffic flowing.

The Highways Agency has agreed to either complete or suspend a number of roadworks schemes between Friday this week and Tuesday next week including some in the Advertiser and Review region.

However roadworks will need to remain in place in 49 locations for the safety of motorists including the A34/Junction Nine of the M40 near Bicester. Excavation work is being carried out at the junction for drainage and street lighting and a safety barrier has been removed to be upgraded and reinstalled.

Roadworks lifted or completed in the region for the bank holiday include two-and-a-half miles of roadworks on the A43 near Towcester, bridge works on the A5 at the north end of Towcester, carriageway and footpath repairs on the A43 near Tiffield, and drainage works on the A5 in Towcester town centre.

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