Roadworks traffic chaos at Buckingham’s Tesco roundabout

Works on the A421 Buckingham ring road.'140204M-F558 ENGPNL00120140402165205
Works on the A421 Buckingham ring road.'140204M-F558 ENGPNL00120140402165205

A Buckingham resident says poor management of the roadworks on the A421 Buckingham bypass is wreaking havoc with local people’s daily lives and making the town ‘a no-go area’.

Mike Newton, of Linden Village, told the Advertiser it took him an hour and a half to travel less than a mile home from Tesco, on London Road, last Saturday.

Mr Newton said: “I am absolutely furious over the chaos that is being caused by the bad traffic management of the roadworks, causing at times such long tailbacks that it beggars belief.

“And I am part of a growing group of very angry locals.”

Mr Newton said Saturday was his “tipping point”.

“On Saturday, they actually dug up not just part of the road but all of the road,” he said.

“It was insane. It took me an hour and a half to get to Linden Village from Tesco.

“I could have walked it in less than that.

“You can see the frustration on people’s faces.”

Mr Newton added: “I do understand they have to do this work but if the roadworks and lights were managed better, then this could be totally avoided.

“This is a shambles and is making Buckingham a no-go area.If I didn’t live here, I would be avoiding Buckingham, which can’t be good for business.”

Mr Newton complained to Transport for Bucks (TfB) after last weekend.

He has also emailed MP for Buckingham John Bercow.

Tesco managerMalcolm Collins said the roadworks were affecting the store, and the impact was particularly bad last Saturday.

Mr Collins said Tesco has a firm of consultants working with Bucks County Council to try to resolve the situation.

“I’m doing everything within my power to help my customers,” he said.

Representatives from the Bucks County Council (BCC) development management team had a site meeting with the highways contractor yesterday, Thursday, to carry out an overview of the traffic management arrangements.

Following the meeting, a BCC spokesman told the Advertiser there will be no more roadworks this weekend, to give residents a break.

The spokesman said: “Unfortunately, issues were experienced last weekend with the management of the traffic on the A421/A413 roadworks.

“Further work is scheduled to take place on the weekends of March 29 and 30 and April 5 and 6, although the contractor is working to try and complete the work as soon as possible.”