Rod licence cash helps riverbank


A section of worn bank on the Great Ouse, at Stony Stratford has been repaired with funds raised by Environment Agency rod licences.

The bank has worn as a result of livestock and flow pressures from Stony Sluice. It has now been reinforced and protected using willow bundles.

The work was carried out by the agency’s fisheries and biodiversity team and members of the Milton Keynes’ Parks Trust.

Team leader Ian Hirst, said: “Buying a rod licence supports our work to improve fishing and help improve rivers. Without this funding we would not be able to monitor our fish populations and make the right investments to improve the water environment.”

The work has provided an instant habitat that was previously missing and as the ‘live’ willow grows it will further stabilise the bank preventing further erosion, build up of silt and degradation of river habitats.

All anglers need a valid licence to fish legally and by buying one they not only avoid a fine for illegal fishing, they also contribute to the agency’s work.

Licences can be bought by calling 0844 800 5386, from any Post Office or at