Rude word on roundabout shocks commuters – but was it a protest against incinerator works?

Calvert incinerator artist's impression.
Calvert incinerator artist's impression.

Motorists had to look twice when driving past a new roundabout which had been vandalised with a four-letter profanity.

The graffiti is written on the side of a new roundabout being built in Woodham, between Waddesdon and Kingswood, and could be reaction to the regular build up of traffic in the area due to the construction work.

One commuter said: “It has been scrubbed off so it is quite faded, but you can still read it. It might be another driver or someone who lives nearby that is fed up of all the traffic.

“I get stuck in it every morning and sometimes you can be sat there for 10, 15 minutes.

The roundabout has been built as part of work constructing a new road to the incinerator in Calvert which due to open in February 2016.

The aim of the new route is to divert the expected heavy flow of lorries away from the surrounding villages, and the roundabout alone is costing £500,000 to construct.

A spokesman from Bucks County Council confirmed that workmen on site would be removing the graffiti immediately.