Safety audit carried out at roundabout

The roundabout
The roundabout

A safety audit of a ‘dangerous’ roundabout has been carried out this week, after 1,000 people signed an online petition.

Buckingham town councillor Jon Harvey launched the e-petition last week over the new road markings on the roundabout at the junction of the A421 Buckingham bypass and the A413 London Road.

Within 24 hours, the petiition had got 1,000 signatures, obliging Bucks County Council (BCC) to take action

A safety audit was carried out by an independent organisation on Wednesday, and their report will go to the BCC cabinet member responsible.

Reader Alistair Stewart, of Gawcott, who has 25 years’ experience in the road marking industry, told the Advertiser the current road markings are ‘an absolute joke’ and should be replaced immediately.

Mr Stewart said: “It’s horrific what’s gone on there and that’s taxpayers’ money they’ve wasted. That surfacing isn’t going to last a year.

“Everyone’s saying it. It’s a joke, it’s an absolute joke.

“It’s seriously dangerous and in my opinion those road markings should be removed in the next 24 hours.”

Mr Stewart said the lane markings are misleading and leave motorists stranded in the wrong lane. School transport changes. Children from Calvert now have a journey of over an hour for a 4-mile trip

He said: “When you approach the roundabout like that with four lanes, it should gently ease you over.”

Councillor Harvey has asked who designed the road markings, and who signed them off on behalf of the county council. And he said, when the markings have been corrected, there should be a public meeting where members of the public can hold those responsible to account for “the whole sorry saga”.