Samurai sword and dozens of guns recovered

A samurai sword, nine revolvers and nine shotguns were among more than 70 recovered weapons in the first week of a guns amnesty.

Weapons which could be deadly in the wrong hands have been handed over to Northants Police by members of the public.

Inspector Sarah Johnson is leading the guns amnesty

Inspector Sarah Johnson is leading the guns amnesty

Sixteen rifles, several knives, 12 imitation firearms, eight air rifles, eight air pistols, three BB guns, a bolt gun and eight collections of ammunition are also among items handed in.

In 2003, 523 weapons were recovered and the current hand-in is the first since then.

Inspector Sarah Johnson, who is leading the amnesty, said: “We’ve had 67 firearms handed in as well as a number of knives and a large amount of ammunition.

“We certainly didn’t expect to receive as many hand guns as we have and we’re really pleased with the way the amnesty is going.

“These weapons were all available for circulation and could have fallen into the hands of people who would have wanted to use them criminally.

“And some of them were simply stored in sheds and garages - they were not locked away securely, which is a real concern.”

The amnesty is designed to give people the chance to surrender unlawfully held guns, ammunition, replica guns or air weapons.

People can also surrender lawfully held items which are no longer wanted.

The majority of weapons which have been handed in so far have not been licenced, but it is not believed that any of them have been used in criminal activities.

Call 101 to request an appointment to hand over a weapon before the amnesty ends on September 28.