Saving Mr Banks a great disappointment

Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks in Saving Mr Banks
Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks in Saving Mr Banks

Film review by Helena Kealey

I love Emma Thompson, so I’m greatly saddened by her latest film, Saving Mr Banks.

Because she was in it. And she was rubbish.

Saving Mr Banks is about P.L. Travers (Thompson) the creator of Mary Poppins, on her visit to Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) to discuss selling him the rights to the film.

While there, Travers turns up her nose at everything she sees, hears or does. She is a strong contender for the least three-dimensional character ever produced by Disney.

The film is split between the underside of Thompson’s upturned nose, and the story of her past – her alcoholic father, suicidal mother, and the aunt who came to save them.

On it’s own, the latter aspect manages to be quite good.

Colin Farrel plays Travers’ well-intentioned but destructive father, battling against his alcoholism and the sharp, umbrella-wielding aunt.

If this film had been just the story of Travers’ childhood, it would have been worth watching.