Schoolgirls pitch products to Apprentice advisor Nick

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LORD Sugar’s advisor Nick Hewer was special guest at Thornton College on Monday.

In a Young Apprentice-style lunchtime activity, teams of Year 9 youngsters have been researching and developing products which will be sold at the school fete on Sunday.

Teams initially had to pitch for a £20 investment from the school to buy materials for their product.

On Monday, Mr Hewer attended to hear their pitches and advise on further product development before the items go on sale.

Bryony Hallett from Buckingham led a team selling Charmies’ tiny beaded accessories that can be attached to mobile phones or handbags.

And Buckingham girl Isabelle Miller’s team is selling Hanging Hearts filled with rice, spices and lavender to decorate the home and use as drawer fresheners.

Mr Hewer said he was very impressed with all the products and presentations but advised all the teams to be more ambitious.

He said the products could demand higher prices and more could sell than had been produced.

In a final Q&A session, Mr Hewer revealed that, in The Apprentice final, he would have taken the riskier option and backed Tom in his wine hedge fund.