Scuppered by steps! OAP stopped in his tracks

Jim Jones at the flight of steps
Jim Jones at the flight of steps

An elderly man has been stopped from taking his daily constitutional to Tesco, after the ramp he used was replaced by steps.

Jim Jones, 91, who uses a walking frame, moved into Buckingham’s Lace Hill/Windsor Park estate two years ago with his son and daughter-in-law, Ian and Joelle.

Jim Jones at the original ramp

Jim Jones at the original ramp

Until recently, a temporary, sloped walkway gave Jim access from directly behind their house onto the London Road, where he would cross to Tesco.

But now, a permanent access way has been completed with steps instead of a slope, making it unusable for anyone with limited mobility.

At first, Jim continued to use the old sloping path a few metres away but last Friday, the gate at the top of the slope was welded shut.

Ian said: “This is impossible for my father, so he is effectively now unable to access any local facilities independently. The walk was his daily exercise and his contact with other people.”

A spokesman for Barratt Homes Northampton said: “The local highways and planning authority has approved the path that was recently put in place, which features a handrail that is Disability Discrimination Act compliant.

“Residents can also access London Road via Armstrong Avenue.

“The temporary ramp access to London Road from Windsor Park was never meant to be a permanent feature, as the land on which it was built is now a resident’s private drive and has recently been handed over.”

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