Shedders sweet-talk shoppers with Valentine’s fare

Men In Sheds
Men In Sheds

Love was in the air when a newly established men’s group had a Valentine’s-themed market stall.

Set up in November, Buckingham’s Men In Sheds group meets every Friday from noon to 2pm in The Cote at The Woolpack, on Well Street.

Men In Sheds

Men In Sheds

The ethos of Men In Sheds is for men to share their skills with each other.

Usually, the men do woodwork, assembling bird and bat boxes, trugs, planters, etc.

But recently one club member, who was a chef in the Royal Air Force, decided to share his love of baking with the other members.

Over the past four weeks, he has been bringing in tasty treats for the rest of the ‘Shedders’ to sample.

Keen to learn, members decided it would be a good idea to make cupcakes and biscuits to sell on Buckingham Market to raise funds to keep the group going.

As Valentine’s Day fell on a Saturday, they decided to combine selling their wooden products with Valentine’s-themed cupcakes and biscuits.

Even though the day was cold and rainly, thepeople of Buckingham showed their support by buying nearly all of the cupcakes and biscuits.

The men also managed to sell quite a few of their wooden products.