Silverstone’s biggest loser turns heads

Laura Leeson, main picture by by Bill Morton for Slimming World magazine.
Laura Leeson, main picture by by Bill Morton for Slimming World magazine.

Having been overweight since she was a child, a mum from Silverstone is turning heads after losing nearly eight stone.

Lauren Leeson, 33, said she had been overweight since she was 11 years old and spent most of her adult life as a size 18.

But this month she featured in Slimming World magazine’s 100th edition in an article telling the stories of 14 slimmers who had lost a combined total of 100st.

Before she started going to the Slimming World group at Towcester Town Hall, Lauren said at 17st 2lb she would sometimes hear whispers from people on the street that she needed to lose weight.

But now her husband Paul jokes on a night out she should not go off with someone else. Lauren said: “I point out I’ve still got my wedding ring on.

“And I’ve not necessarily had men ask me to dance or anything, but certainly you get the sense you are getting a second look. And friends on holiday keep asking, ‘Who’s that checking you out?’ One of my husband’s friends who hadn’t seen me for a while saw us out together and thought he was with another woman.

“But the main thing is I feel more confident, perhaps less shy.”

Lauren said she had tried several diets on her own to try and lose weight, but it was not until she found the support, encouragement, and discipline of a Slimming World group in 2002 that she had any success. Since then she has had twins but quickly returned to her target weight.