Six week trial for CCTV in Chandos Park agreed

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PEOPLE committing acts of anti-social behaviour will soon have nowhere to hide if a trial of mobile CCTV in Chandos Park is successful.

Councillors on Buckingham’s environment and property committee agreed last night, Monday, to a six-week trial run of a ‘redeployable’ security camera near anti-social hotspots in the park.

The town council initiative has received the support of Buckingham Police, which is keen to make sure there is no increase in anti-social behaviour during the upcoming school holidays.

While the trial run is underway, the town council will look into the costs of the scheme and will consider including a ‘dummy’ camera in another location to act as an extra deterent.

The first hotspot is likely to be the play area in Chandos Park. The camera uses 3G technology, so can operate remotely.

Buckingham Police inspector Emma Garside, said the police would soon be starting its summer campaign to crack down on anti-social behaviour in the Buckingham and Winslow areas.

She said: “This is something which could be used across the area, but we would try to use it in areas where we are concerned about community safety. More recently, we have been concerned about reports of anti-social behaviour in Chandos Park.

“It won’t be covert and hopefully, by the camera’s presence, it would deter people from offending, but also, the police can’t be there 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Insp Garside added the camera could help identify individuals responsible for anti-social behaviour even if they were in larger groups.