Slow go zone ‘would cause misery for town centre’

Proposals have received a mixed reaction
Proposals have received a mixed reaction

A proposed 20mph town centre speed limit would cause “a lot of misery for a lot of people”, a town councillor has warned.

The idea of bringing in 20mph zones in Buckingham sparked heated debate at a town council meeting on Monday.

Town councillor Jon Harvey proposed the town clerk should prepare a report on the viability of introducing measures as a way of reducing pollution and improving road safety in the town centre.

The idea met with support from a number of councillors but drew fierce opposition from others.

Councillor Paul Hirons told the Advertiser: “I don’t think there’s any evidence whatsoever it would save lives but it’s certainly going to cause a lot of misery for a lot of people in Buckingham.

“I think it will just be another way they’ll use to milk the motorist for money in fines.

“In a lot of areas, like West Street, the traffic is slower than that anyway.”

Mr Hirons also said it is difficult to maintain such a slow speed in modern cars.

He said: “In an automatic car, you’re really going to have to brake to stay at that speed, which is going to use more fuel.

“And when you’re looking at the speedometer, you’re not looking at the road.”

Town councillor Mike Smith, said: “I’m very much in favour of it, particularly through the town centre and the residential estates.

“Generally, for traffic calming purposes, it would make it much safer for pedestrians and cyclists and people trying to cross roads.

“It wouldn’t make a big difference to through traffic because traffic in the town centre is fairly slow anyway.

“But it’s particularly important on the estates where you’ve got kids out playing, and essential in the area of schools.”

The motion was passed by seven votes to six and the town clerk’s report will be presented to a future meeting.