Snow go for Christmas market as plans are scrapped

Last year's Brackley Christmas Market
Last year's Brackley Christmas Market

A Christmas market will not take place for the first time in five years, it has been announced.

Brackley Christmas market was due to take place for the fifth year running on December 6.

But with funding concerns and difficulties building a team of volunteers, it has been called off.

Event organiser David Dingvean took to Facebook to make the announcement.

He said: “It fills me with sorrow to announce that this year’s Brackley Christmas Market will be cancelled.

“But we don’t want to present you with a half-baked event which has been put together on a shoestring anymore.

“We want to bring you quality, as we think that is what you, the community, deserve.”

The market has been a well attended event since it began in 2010 with live bands, carol singing and craft stalls filling Brackley Piazza.

But speaking to the Advertiser, Mr Dingvean said he could not risk having to fund the event himself.

“It was a hard decision to make and I do feel as if I’ve let people down but these things happen. This year, it will be a no go.

“It’s down to money. No one profits from it and when we made a loss, it even had to come out of my own pocket.

“The event’s been my baby for a few years now and people enjoy attending but when it comes down to it, it’s hard to find the money and the people to volunteer their time.”

Mr Dingvean said he would welcome someone else ‘filling the void’ this year with a fairground, like in previous years.

But he has vowed to return next year with an event which the town can be proud of.

He said: “We will be doing a relaunch and we’ll make it bigger and better.

“Maybe bringing back a Christmas parade and maybe merging it with other events so we have a whole calendar of things.”