Society looks at cost of repairing ‘shabby’ bridge

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The Buckingham Society is looking into the cost of refurbishing a bridge which forms an important gateway into Buckingham.

Committee member Roger Edwards said the bridge over the River Great Ouse, on Bridge Street, Buckingham, is in a poor state of repair.

Although it is structurally sound, many of the coping stones on the top of the bridge are broken, with pieces missing. And recent pointing of the stonework, which is a lighter colour than the old mortar and the stones, has left the bridge looking very patchy.

The bridge is the responsibility of Bucks County Council (BCC), which does not have the funds to undertake purely cosmetic repairs.

BCC has estimated the cost of replacing the coping stones and improving the pointing alone to be £25,000.

This would not include cleaning the stonework or repairing the Marquess of Buckingham’s coat of arms on the side of the bridge.

Mr Edwards said: “The coping stones are in quite a bad state so it would be good to get them replaced and tidy up the pointing. But to clean it up would be really nice. To my mind, it looks so shabby when you come into the town.”

Mr Edwards said the society agreed this was a project it would like to take on, at its annual meeting in November .

“We’re gathering all the facts,” he added.

“Once we get the information, we will form a working group and work out how we’re going raise the money.”