Solution to parking problems sought

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A Buckingham county councillor wants people’s views about parking on the town centre’s streets.

Last week, a Transport for Bucks (TfB) spokesman said the introduction of pay and display machines has been approved throughout the county and could potentially include Buckingham and Winslow.

But this week county councillor for Buckingham East, Warren Whyte, who chairs Bucks County Council’s environment, transport and localities select committee, has told the Advertiser it’s not a done deal.

Mr Whyte said: “Absolutely no decisions have been made.

“The council has a county-wide policy that, where appropriate, it will implement parking charges.

“It’s up to local members to consider where those parking charges go.”

Every county councillor has been issued with a ‘Parking Toolkit’ designed to help them manage requests for changes to waiting restrictions in their areas.

Mr Whyte also chairs the Buckingham Local Area Forum (LAF), which has set up a parking working group.

Mr Whyte said: “As the county councillor responsible for the town centre, I am very conscious of the existing problems relating to the town centre on-street parking, receiving many complaints, petitions and suggestions from business owners, workers, residents and visitors from surrounding villages.

“I want a vibrant and successful town centre, and the right balance needs to be struck with our finite resource of street space.

“I’ve already had several petitions submitted to me from residents’ groups about parking.

“We welcome further suggestions and proposals from the people of Buckingham.

“Then I will be establishing a public meeting sometime in June to get people’s ideas out on the table.

“What I’m really keen to hear is what people think would be the solutions for Buckingham town centre.

“We’ve got such a small resource of parking in the town centre. So how do we fairly share it? I’m in the difficult position of trying to broker a compromise of all the different types of users.

“How do we find a local solution to a local problem?”

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