South Northamptonshire Council to review all single person council tax discounts

South Northamptonshire Council's offices
South Northamptonshire Council's offices

A review is being carried out of everyone claiming single person discount (SPD) on their council tax across South Northamptonshire.

The review comes after a report from the Audit Commission said across the county some £200 million was being wasted on wrong claims.

Council Tax discounts of 25 per cent awarded to people who live on their own are being reviewed across the county with letters due to go out to people registered with South Northamptonshire Council (SNC) now.

Cllr Peter Rawlinson, SNC’s portfolio holder for finance and procurement said: “The budgets of all local authorities across the country are under ever increasing pressure, and inappropriate discounts not only put undue stress on our finances but they are also unfair.”

All accounts within the district which currently have a SPD will be checked using a combination of council data, third party data sources and specialist validation services.

These checks will be used to accurately confirm the discount for genuine recipients and cancel ineligible or incorrect awards.

Where there appears to be a discrepancy a review form will be sent to the recipient giving them the opportunity to respond within 21 days and either confirm that their circumstances have remained the same, or give details of their new circumstances or changes in order that their account can be updated.

Anyone unsure about their eligibility regarding SPDs should call the council 0300 126 1900 as soon as possible.

Alternatively they can email with their new information.

For any queries regarding a review letter, they should contact the helpline number given within the letter.