Spot checks by trainee specials

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Students training to be Special Constables gave 11 motorists 14 days to make their vehicles road worthy during spot checks in Towcester last week.

Last Thursday evening student Special Constables conducted spot checks on vehicles in Watling Street, Towcester,

PC Julia Mills said: “Our aim was not to punish the law-abiding drivers of our local community but simply to ensure their vehicles are roadworthy and legal.

“11 tickets were issued for various offences such as faulty headlights and brake lights out, which were dealt with by way of a voluntary vehicle defect rectification scheme, whereby members of the public have 14 days to rectify the issues.

“This exercise was aimed at improving the Special Constable students’ knowledge and experience of dealing with traffic and vehicles and it was also a great opportunity for them to interact with members of the public.”