Stardom’s serious turn for Brad

Bradley Cooper in Limitless
Bradley Cooper in Limitless

Bradley Cooper made his name in some pretty crass comedies, and now he’s looking to stretch his range as a leading man in technothriller Limitless.

After hitting it big with The Hangover and The A Team – let’s just not mention towering turkey All About Steve, shall we? – he turns up here as a slacker struggling against a book deadline who is introduced to a mind-expanding drug that allows him to exploit the full potential of his brain.What could go wrong?

Well, sinister businessman Robert De Niro has some evil plans for the muddled mastermind, for a start. It’s all a bit thin and obvious and just shows that you can’t rely on the de Niro name as any sort of quality indicator these days.

Sorry, Brad, but fingers crossed for The Hangover sequel which is on its way.