Stars out at the manor for movie

Filming at Waddesdon Manor PNL-140415-122527001
Filming at Waddesdon Manor PNL-140415-122527001

Hollywood stars Ewan McGregor, Damian Lewis, Naomie Harris and Stellan Skarsgard have been shooting a major new movie at Waddesdon Manor.

The actors were filming scenes for Our Kind of Traitor, a big budget thriller based on the John Le Carre novel.

Suzy Barron from Waddesdon’s marketing department said: “They filmed all day on Friday from 7am.

“They were inside the house using the dining room as a safe house. They also filmed outside on the South Front and had some rather flash vehicles, it was supposed to be a tennis club in Paris, and they were also filmed going in and out of the conservatory.”

Although the manor staff were not allowed to ask for autographs or take pictures they did see some of the filming.

Ms Barron said: “The people in the house were very close to the filming.

“The actors’ trailers were parked on the North Avenue, and so the actors had to walk to the South Front. A lot of our visitors didn’t recognise them at first as they walked past because they weren’t expecting to see them here. Then when they realised there was a film being made they did find it all very exciting.”