Station rebrand on track despite objections

The new Bicester Village station work in progress
The new Bicester Village station work in progress

Despite vehement opposition, Chiltern Railways is steaming ahead with plans to rename Bicester Town train station.

The station is being rebranded as Bicester Village and although the firm has received dozens of objection letters, a poll found only 23% of residents wanted to keep the Bicester Town name.

A spokesman for Chiltern Railways said: “The process to change the station name has begun.

“We know that station names generate strong emotions however, the decision has been shaped by an independent survey which was geographically and demographically weighted.

“The survey of Bicester people told us that 49% were in favour of the change to Bicester Village with just 23% in favour of retaining the name Bicester Town.

“This is the biggest change in the railways for Bicester since 1910 and it is right that the station name reflects that change.”