Steam into Wales for St David’s Day

A Stanier Black Five steam engine will haul the train from Crew
A Stanier Black Five steam engine will haul the train from Crew

There’s a chance to travel to Wales under steam on St David’s Day.

The Cathedrals Express is calling at Milton Keynes at 10.15am on Wednesday, March 1, en route for Chester, Bangor and the North Wales coast.

The train will head first to Crewe, where a Stanier Black Five steam engine will join the train.

From here it will be full steam ahead as The Cathedrals Express makes its way to Chester and on to Bangor, home of the spectacular Menai Straits.

If they choose, passengers can then can stay on the train for the stunning run along the North Wales coast to Anglesey.

Steam Dreams chairman Marcus Robertson said: “Our annual St David’s Day pilgrimage to Wales is one of the highlights of our spring season and this year we are excited to be offering passengers the chance to celebrate this national day in North Wales for the first time.

“As we make our way along one of the UK’s most scenic routes to Anglesey, passengers will be treated to some spectacular views of the coast and snow-capped Snowdonia in the distance.”

The Cathedrals Express will arrive in Holyhead at around 3.50pm, giving passengers two hours to explore the port, where St David’s Day celebrations will be in full swing.

Passengers will rejoin the train at 5.50pm for the journey home, which will be diesel or electric hauled from Crewe.

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