Steeple Claydon residents vote to accept neighbourhood plan

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A village has voted overwhelmingly to adopt a new neighbourhood plan.

Residents in Steeple Claydon turned out en masse to pledge support for the proposal, which gives the village a say in how the community develops, when the vote was held on November 30.

573 voters (88%) of voters supported the adoption, and 79 residents voted against the plan’s adoption. The referendum had a turnout of 37%.

Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) issued a statement in October, declaring that Steeple Claydon’s proposals were suitable and could be put to a public vote.

Parish council chair Paul Firth praised the work of both the council and the team developing the plan. He said: “The plan establishes a Settlement Boundary round the village, protecting it from further expansion. It makes provision for a relocated convenience store and identifies green space around the village to defend against development of these areas.

“The parish council and other volunteers have worked tirelessly to develop a plan which helps to secure and protect our great village from future development.

“The whole village has had the chance to have a say in its future and the overwhelming ‘yes’ vote is a clear demonstration of the support for the plan.

According to the accepted Neighbourhood Plan, the policy setting out the settlement boundary “seeks to protect the intrinsic rural character of the village but to

allow for sustainable growth to meet local housing needs over the Plan period.

“In which case, the Boundary is drawn to observe the existing built-up area edge

and to accommodate the sites that already have planning permission and the

site allocations proposed by other policies of the plan.”

The plan designates land at Addison Road to be for a mixed use development which includes housing.

It also allocates land at Queen Catherine Road for extra housing.