Steeple Claydon woman banned from keeping animals

Penny, who was rescued by the RSPCA
Penny, who was rescued by the RSPCA

A woman from Steeple Claydon has been banned from keeping animals for 10 years after pleading guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to one horse and failing to meet welfare needs of two other horses, three cows and a calf.

Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Court heard Tamara Lewis, 49, of Vicarage Lane, had responsibility for the horses which were found by the RSPCA in Padbury Road in January.

A chestnut mare called Penny and a grey pony mare called Silv were being looked after by the defendant on their owner’s behalf.

Penny, Silv and a bay gelding called Flanagan had not been provided with suitable diet and a constant supply of fresh drinking water.

Penny had been lame for some weeks and had not received farrier attention for her overgrown hooves or treatment for severe abscesses in her left fore foot.

Three cows and calf had not been provided with a suitable diet or fresh drinking water.

In mitigation, Lewis said her work schedule and family issues had meant her standard of care for the horses had fallen short.

The court heard the RSPCA had given advice and Trading Standards had spoken to Lewis in the past regarding her animals. However, the 
animals had never been in a poor enough condition to 
provide evidence for a court case.

Flanagan and three other horses, that were also removed but not subject to charges, were cared for by Blue Cross.

Penny and Silv were returned to their owner.

Lewis has been sentenced to a 12-month community order with 160 hours unpaid work and was ordered to pay costs of £600 and a victim surcharge of £60.