Strength of feeling about service

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The Aylesbury Vale Transport Users’ Group was in Buckingham on Tuesday, asking bus users about their experience of the new timetable.

Secretary Colin Richardson said people were reporting problems caused by lack of running time.

He said: “Regular users are saying, when it runs it’s a good service. When it works, it works, but there ‘s not enough leeway built into the timetabling. It’s not reliable.”

He added that parked cars on the double yellow lines in the layby on Market Hill made it difficult for people with mobility problems to get on the bus.

He said: “One person who had a shopping trolley on wheels had to negotiate up and down the kerbs because of the parking.”

Chairman Colin Higgs said two and a half hours was too long for people to wait in town for a bus home and the afternoon request service was not working because drivers said they didn’t have time.

And he added: “The Maids Moreton service is diabolical. It is always late, and sometimes it doesn’t even go to Maids Moreton.”