Strictly for adults, burlesque is here!

Amber Topaz PNL-140310-103217001
Amber Topaz PNL-140310-103217001

Strictly for adults only, Britain’s biggest burlesque extravaganza is about to hit town. Now entering its fourth year, An Evening Of Burlesque comes to Milton Keynes Theatre on Thursday, October 16.

A quarter of a million people have now seen the cheeky production.

The glamorous show sparkles with couture costumes recalling the golden eras of burlesque.

For over-18s only, its success is built on a combination of sultry vocals, breathtaking choreography, mischief, magic, frivolity and fun.

“It’s all tease, no sleaze,” said producer Michael Taylor.

Headline performer Amber Topaz had never considered burlesque as a career path when she came down to London from Rotherham to study musical theatre.

“My introduction to earning a living in the performing arts was quite traditional – a part in Les Miserables at the Palace Theatre,” she said.

“It all changed when I was asked to do a photo shoot as a 1940s/50s pin-up. The photographer happened to mention I should do burlesque.

“I’d had no lessons in burlesque. At that time, there weren’t any. I used my song and dance training and sense of humour to create elaborate routines with a storyline.”

Amber is among the pioneers who have re-invented burlesque, saying it gives her the freedom of expression that she found lacking in traditional West End roles.

“It was starting to get a bit routine,” she said. “I was a cog in a wheel.

“With burlesque, I could be a lot more creative and I built up quite a big repertoire.

“What was brilliant was being able to sing what I wanted, dance how I wanted and wear whatever costumes I wanted.”

“It definitely is not a striptease show,” added Amber, whose mum and dad regularly go to see her perform.

“There is fan dancing and show-tunes, great music and some audience participation. It’s theatrical but, above all, it’s fun.

“An Evening Of Burlesque is full of innuendo and very provocative.

“This burlesque is more like a variety show and less intimate than people think.

“Think seaside postcards.”

Tickets are regularly selling out as the tour embarks on a 70-date tour of the UK.

“We have had some amazing audience reactions,” said Amber. People are giving us standing ovations and raising the roof. A lot of people come along because they are curious, and end up loving it.”

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