Student wins awards for charitable work feeding the needy

Alicia Robinson, right, with volunteer Hiromi Kuramochi
Alicia Robinson, right, with volunteer Hiromi Kuramochi

Alicia, right, is being helped by other student volunteers including Hiromi Kuramochi, left. Below: Rabbi Charity work in Ghana.

A food bank set up by Alicia Robinson, an economics and applied computing undergraduate, has been awarded the Santander Mobility Award in recognition of its efforts.

She has also been awarded £4,000 by Lloyds Bank, the School of Social Entrepreneurs, and the Big Lottery Fund for transportation costs.

Alicia, from Guyana, is also a key member of Rabbi Charity, which was set up by James Asomaning and supports the Anoff villagers in Ghana who struggle to support themselves.

Rabbi Charity, launched in September, aims to donate a meal on a monthly basis to the village, with last month’s meal feeding over 110 adults and approximately 25 children, as well as sending donations of clothing, shoes, bedding, furniture, phones and laptops.

The charity hopes to raise funds for the local schools to teach students computing skills for better job prospects.

Alicia said: “James and I are willing to do whatever it takes to help to create lasting change in the lives of these individuals.

“Their circumstances can change, they just need an opportunity.”

Alicia intends to open more food banks after completing her degree and is currently promoting the Buckingham food bank she manages, primarily for students, welcoming both food donations and inviting those in economic hardship to utilise the facility.

Alicia can be contacted at