Students forge links in Europe

Students at Fontys Hogescholen
Students at Fontys Hogescholen

Eleven students from the Royal Latin School travelled to North Rhine Westphalia in Germany before Christmas to spend a week with their exchange partners and experience life in a German family.

There has been a student exchange programme between the Royal Latin and the Julius Stursberg Gymnasium in Neukirchen-Vluyn – Buckingham’s twin town – for eight years.

The students attended lessons with their German partners and spent the weekend with their host families, who entertained them with visits to Christmas markets, ice skating and shopping.

Excursions included a visit to Düsseldorf, complete with a speedy elevator trip up the 168m-high Rhineturm (Rhine Tower), with stunning views.

Students did Christmas shopping and enjoyed the seasonal fare at Düsseldorf’s enchanting Christmas markets.

As part of the exchange, British and German students were guests of Fontys Hogescholen in Venlo, in the Netherlands.

This private university specialises in courses such as mechatronics, teaches in English, Dutch and German, and is considerably cheaper than university courses in Britain.

In one workshop students had to build a solar-powered robot out of components made from a famous plastic construction toy, in teams consisting of one British and one German student.

At the end, teams battled with their finished robots in a light-powered tug of war, with the aid of a wind-up torch.

Royal Latin School German teacher Roz Box, said: “It is heartening to see that the relationship between the two communities remains as cordial as ever despite, or possibly because of, the Brexit vote in Britain. For now, 11 Latins are eagerly awaiting the return visit by their German friends in March.”